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New Team

We now have 2 teams. The main Nordic team is competing in ESEA intermediate and other online tournaments. Follow our new team on: Our Old team is now a LAN only team and can be found at small/medium LANs in DK. Check out both teams under roster:

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fRAMESON joins Good Old

Due to Hello Kitty not having anymore time to play, we decide to make a roster change. fRAMESON are a perfect match for us with his experience, calm personalty and epic fragging capabilities 🙂 fRAMESON have already played his first officiel match for good old in the 2-0 win against Equlite on ESL. Our new lignup are: MuGGe MaTTe […]

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We decided to do giveaways with the hardware we win at LAN-parties. Like our facebook page for updates and a change to win. First thing we are giving away will be Razer keyboard and a USP Orion.

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